Borner Slicer V5 PowerLine Basic Set

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A practical vegetable slicer is required for ideal processing of fruit and vegetables in slices. The thickness of the slices is often decisive for the success of a dish. With the Borner V5 slicer, any raw food can be sliced ​​quickly and easily, either thin or thick. The height-adjustable insert makes it very easy to vary the strengths. Cucumbers for the cucumber salad, potatoes for potato gratin or delicious vegetable chips can be cut precisely and according to the recipe. Whether tomatoes, onions or hard vegetables such as kohlrabi or carrots, none of this poses a problem for the powerful vegetable slicer. Discover new, delicious recipes that can now be cooked with little effort. You are also welcome to take a look at ours Recipe page , here you will find many healthy meal ideas that promote a balanced diet.

The V5 Powerline Basic Set is particularly suitable if you want to make a delicious beetroot carpaccio. Thanks to the sharp blades and the extra thin step of the V5, you can cut the perfect, thin slices for carpaccio.

Cleaning the vegetable slicer is child’s play, it can simply be rinsed under running water. To do this, slide the disc insert to the last setting, so your fingers are protected from the sharp blades. And it’s ready for use again. In order to guarantee a healthy diet, we only use the best quality when manufacturing our products. That’s why they are free of BPA, plasticizers and harmful substances. So you can prepare your food worry-free and effortless.

Should you ever find that the basic set is not enough for you, you have the option of expanding it. You will find other items such as inserts or the docking station in our shop. This means you can expand the disc cutter as you wish and get a variety of additional functions.


V plane: 38cm x 15cm x 5.5cm
Fruit holder: 15cm x 11.5cm x 6cm
Disc slot: 23.5cm x 9.7cm x 2cm

Technical specifications:

Slices in 4 different cutting thicknesses
With ergonomic handle
With non-slip rubber feet
BPA free plastic
Free from plasticizers and harmful substances
Micro-fine ground stainless steel knives

Components of the Borner Vegetable Slicer V5 PowerLine Basic Set:

Borner V5 PowerLine vegetable slicer
disc slot
safety fruit holder

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